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Top-Notch Entertainment Law Attorney Knows How to Protect His Clients

The obvious choice for representation in New York City is StimConsul, Ltd.

Not all entertainment law attorneys in New York City are created equal. With more than 30 years of experience as a transactional attorney, Stephen Stim of StimConsul, Ltd. is eminently qualified to manage your legal needs. The firm represents clients in a wide array of practice areas that include entertainment, sports, international and corporate business, oil and gas and employment law.

Many entertainment law lawyers in New York City simply don't understand how to treat their clients. The unique needs of such clients require attorney Stephen Stim to be on top of his game at all times. He offers each client his personalized attention and service, devoting his energy to negotiating the best possible outcomes in every case and every situation.

Contracts in a language you can understand

Whether he is negotiating a multimillion-dollar sports contract, forming a corporate entity or representing franchise cable operators in right-of-access agreements, Stephen Stim has the knowledge and experience you want in your corner. Stephen's ability to decipher even the most complex contracts and explain them in simpler terms is greatly appreciated by many of his clients. Stephen never wants a client to sign on the dotted line without complete knowledge and understanding of what he or she is signing.

StimConsul, Ltd. offers a gentle touch when required, is aggressive when needed and always does what is in the best interest of its clients. Negotiating any type of contract requires the ability to decipher what the other party is willing to accept, knowing what the client needs and figuring out how to marry the two into a contract that is beneficial and profitable.

When you sign with the firm of StimConsul, Ltd. you get all the benefits of Stephen Stim's years of experience, vast legal knowledge and street smarts. All of which combine to make him a powerful asset when you need an entertainment lawyer in NYC, sports lawyer or any other type of transactional attorney.

Entertainment lawyers in NYC are not all the same. Go for the one with extensive experience.

To speak with attorney Stephen Stim, call him at 212-977-7950 or visit his contact us page.

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